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The technological process of plastic production

The technological process of plastic production

The technological process of plastic production:

Selection of raw materials -- coloring and proportioning of raw materials -- design of casting mold -- machine decomposition and injection molding -- electroplating/stamping -- assembly of finished products -- packaging leaving the factory



Material choosing

The raw materials of plastic products in the domestic market mainly include the following (examples of some raw materials) :

PP: low transparency, low gloss, low rigidity, but higher impact strength. Common in plastic buckets, plastic basins, folders, drinking pipes, etc.

PC: high transparency, high gloss, very crisp, commonly seen in plastic bottles such as kettles, space cups and baby bottles.

ABS: The resin is one of the five synthetic resins, with excellent impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and electrical properties. It is also easy to be processed, stable in size and with good surface gloss, etc. It is mainly used in milk bottles, space cups and automobiles.

PE: The main products are mineral water caps, PE fresh-keeping mold, milk bottles and so on.

PVC: mainly used in plastic bags, packaging bags, drainage pipes, etc.

PS: Mainly used for printer housing, electrical housing, etc.


Coloring and proportioning of materials

All plastic products have a variety of colors, and this color is stirred with paint, which is also the technical core of plastic products. If the color ratio is good, the product sales are very good, and the boss also attaches great importance to the privacy of color ratio.

Under normal circumstances, the raw materials of plastic products are mixed with, such as good ABS glossiness, PP anti-fall, PC transparency is high, the use of the characteristics of each raw material mixing ratio will appear new goods, but such goods are generally not used for food appliances.


Design mold

Now plastic products are injection molding or blow molding production, so every time the design of the sample, the new mold should be opened, and the mold is generally tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of different, so plastic products in addition to the price of raw materials, the cost of the mold is also very large. To make a finished product, there may be many parts, each part needs a separate mold.


Machine decomposition injection

General production of plastic parts are separated by a few machines together, injection molding process is the use of molten plastic injection into plastic products mold pressure, cooling molding to get a variety of plastic parts. There are special machines for injection molding.



Electroplating/stamping is the use of plastic products with a fine appearance for decoration.


Assemble the finished product

The finished parts are inspected and assembled into finished products.


Packing factory

After all the work is done, the package can be shipped out of the factory.